Hydraulic Plane Cutting Machine

Shoe Cutting Machines
The machine has 20 upto 30 tons cutting pressure, its operation is easy, with improvements on the defects found in the plane-table gear type cut-off machines. It will promote your productivity & quality.
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This machine suits plastics, leather, sponge, nylon,textiles, cardboards and synthetic materials etc, for cutting one or several layers of sheet materials.


1. Save labor, easy operation, low trouble rates, strong cutting power and prompt cutting speed ( above 1,000 times/hr)
2. Cutter setting and installation, high-low cutter adjustments are very easy, accurate and quick.
3.Quiet operation to greatly reduce the noise level in the workshop then improving the work environment and elevating efficiency.
4. Simply accessible micro-adjustment device for optimum cutting strokes then the cutter and cutting board are serviceable.
5. The type of mechanical design, it can make operator in using large, middle or small cutter to be more flexible.And save more working time, increase the production.


Machine Size (mm) Measurement (mm) N.W./G.W. Motor Pressure Cutting Area Stroke
1830L x 850W x 1430H 2000L x 900W x 1670H 1413 Kgs / 1513 Kgs 3HP x 4P 25 Tons 500mm x 1600mm 10mm ~ 10mm

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