Hydraulic Automatic Cementing Toe Lasting Machine 7 Pincers - COMPUTERIZED

Shoe Cutting Machines
2. The first pincer and second set of pincer are designed of easy-tooling structure, quickly changed it without tools.(fig.2)
3. The second pincer’s angle memorized by linear wire potentio meter could deflect angle according to shoe shapes.(fig.3)
4. The rising position nd the starting position of last supporter could be adjusted on the side of machine with numerical displayer.(fig.4)
5. The design of wiper downward position adjustment could quickly adjust without any tools.(fig.5)
6. Brand new design of five pointed toe-band, to perform better lasting result with easy tooling mechanism.(fig.6)
7. All the parameters of lasting and wiper movement are set and modified on the HMI touch screen and wiper has slow and inch movement.
8. Importing from Japanese FUJI’s colorful monitor interface, it has automatic self detection to sense electronic faulting.
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For All Kinds of Men Shoes, Lady Shoes or Sport Shoes Lasting


1. Without Cementing Function
2. With Touch Screen Computerized control
3. With Auto Error Detect Function
4. The other function remain same as 738MA