Hydraulic Automatic Toe Lasting Machine 9 Pincers -Non Cementing

Shoe Cutting Machines
◎The insole and vamp of TS-N737A do not need to glue manually in the beginning because of the automatic cementing system.
◎The first pincer and second set of pincer are designed of easy-tooling structure, quickly changed it without tools.(fig.2)
◎The second pincer’s angle could deflect angle according to shoe shapes.(fig.3)
◎The design of wiper downward position adjustment could quickly adjust without any tools.(Patented)(fig.4)
◎Toe-band center fixed base adopts the newly easy-tooling structure, just pull up and press down to change the toe-band quickly.
◎Brand new designed of five pointed toe-band and special wiper trajectory, to perform better lasting result with easy-tooling mechanism.(fig.5)
◎The first pincer can be adjusted for yawing to left and right within 15° each side according to shoe shape, suitable for special she models and pincers assembly arrangement.
◎The pincer trajectory could adjust individually for each side or synchronized for both side to meet the requirement of changing different sizes of shoes quickly.
◎The rising position and the starting position of last supporter could be adjusted on the side of machine with numerical displayer that precision up to 0.1m/m.(fig.6)
◎The position (front and rear) of inner supporter and outer supporters(applicator) can be adjusted with hand wheel in front of machine, maximum 16mm of length adjustment, which makes the adjustment for the lasting of shoes with different sizes more flexible and convenient.
◎Every pincer has adjustable automatic pull-down and manual pull down function, setting individually to balance the tension of the vamp, and correct for the best lasting position.
◎The adjustment and controlling for the pressure and speed of each mechanism are outside of the machine with the pressure gauge for displaying, enabling the operation and adjustment more convenient.
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