Double Needle Bottom Feed Moccasin Sewing Machine

Shoe Cutting Machines
Hand wheel could be adjusted around.
For extending the service life, the position of the hook could be adjusted.
Select a hand wheel or a presser foot for sewing workpiece.
1. Available to adjust the hand wheel by the directions of front, back, left and right.
2. The position of the needle is adjustable about 5 m to 7.5 m to sew the article.
3. Available to adjust large hook in the directions of front and back, which can prolong the life of the needle.
4. Large hook swings in a direction of semi-revolving.
5. Select a hand wheel or a hinged presser food to sew the stuff.
6. Select a general Mocca Sewing Machine or a Mocca Sewing.
7. Machine with inserted line to sew the stuff, and it's useful for shoes, purses, leather products, and so on.
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FoR Single Piece Moccasin Shoes Stitching


Max Sewing Speed 800 s.p.m
Max Stitch Length 8 mm
Presser Foot 10 mm
Working Range 320 mm
Needle Gauge 4,5,6,7,8 mm (Adjustable)
Needle DDx1
Purpose For shoes, purses, leather products,……etc.
Max. sewing speed: 800 needles/ minutes Lift distance of presser foot: 10 mm Needle bar stroke: 50 mm Maximum sewing distance: 8 mm Needle: DD x1