Single Needle Bottom Feed Moccasin Sewing Machine

Shoe Cutting Machines
The presser foot stitch length can be adjusted.
Semi-rotary large shuttle & bobbin can reduce the frequency of replacing the bobbin thread increase sewing efficiency.
Sewing for extra heavy-weight materials.
1. Presser foot can be lifted up to 20 mm for sewing extremely thick materials.
2. Movement of the presser foot can be infinitely.
3. Free working space is 320 mm suitable for large items.
4. Large barrel shuttle reduce number of thread chances and to raise sewing efficiency.
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FoR Single Piece Moccasin Shoes Stitching, This machine is designed for sewing extreme heavy materials such as handles suitcases or briefcases basehall mittens, seat belts, chair cushions, shoes, etc..


Max Sewing Speed 800 s.p.m
Max Stitch Length 11 mm
Presser Foot 18 mm
Working Range 320 mm
Needle DYx3
Purpose For shoes, handles of briefcases, baseball mittens, seat belts, tents, chair cushions, luggage, stitching down shoe,……etc.