How to Start to Set up a Shoe Factory ?

Oct 10, 2018

 How to Start Your Own Shoe Company

1. What kind of shoes that you want to produce ?

          Men Shoes ? Sport Shoes ? Children Shoes ? Woman Shoes ? Safety Shoes ? Leather Shoes ? Artifical Shoes or multiciple purpose market ?
          Very Import is you can't product all kind of shoes in the begining, or even after 3 years you also can't produce all kind of shoes....
          What should you do just focus on the shoes that you wish to Produce.

2. How Many Pair shoes that you wish to Produce per 8-10 Hours ?

          Normally from 500 Pairs, 1000 Pairs or 1500 Pairs, 2000 Paris, 3000 Pairs.....

            We all can offer the shoe making machinery according to your demand and suggest the proper shoe machines for you.

3. How Many Square Meters for your Factory Size ?

         Normally 1 production include all the shoe making machinery from Shoe Cutting Machines, Shoe Stitching Machines, Shoe Lasting Machines,and    Shoe Finishing machines need about 60 * 30 Meters, consider the office, warehouse, sample making room, it will be better for 3000 Square Meters  Space.

           But we also can suggest the best shoe making machinery layout according to your factory size or your shoe factory land size....for more information you are most welcome               email to george@taiwanshoes.com.tw

4. What is your Budget ?